Affordable Website

Your artist portfolio website for $200

Simple artist portfolio site showcasing images and/or video.  You will be able to update images on your own with user friendly back-end platform.  Simple and elegant design.  Compatible with smart phones and other hand held devices.  Your site will be optimized for search engines, with SEO title, meta description and keywords, and registered to search engine directories.

You will not find a cheaper price on the market, so please do not expect custom logo, e-commerce, inventory control etc.  This is to give you an online presence at a very affordable rate.

Contact (click here) if you’re interested.

Here’s what you’ll need to have your site built:

1. Resume/Bio and/or statement (what you want the world to know about you)

2. Header Image (long picture that displays at top of page): size: 1000 ppi by 90-150 ppi

3. Images of your work organized into category folders (this will be your galleries)

4. Contact Info for contact form, and social networking options (optional) : ie facebook, twitter urls