AHA Festival

Visual Arts

Septemeber 13-14 2014 | Santa Fe Railyard

visual arts


The programming listed below takes place on Sunday, September 14 from 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm in the Railyard. Free.

Rebecca Alvarez will create Reminiscence, a collection of letterpress posters, each inspired by a person and displayed with a letter she has written to that person anonymously.

Axle Contemporary will present Economologies, a series that aims to “encourage a conversation around the intersections of economics, ecology and art, including critical commentary and new approaches and alternatives to the status quo.”

Seiya Bowen will show Vending Machines, a series of photographs in which he documents the “highly advanced vending machines” found in and around small villages in rural Japan.

Flamingo Pink! will present Art What You Hear(t), an interactive space in which audience members are encouraged to draw on booth walls in response to the music being performed by the artist.

Sydney Cooper will present Japanese Jewish Market, “a commentary on art and identity in Santa Fe” in which the artist presents and discusses objects made by herself, an authentic Japanese Jew.

Sofie Cruse will create a hanging implement of test tubes and flowers, each possessing its own unique color and smell and working together to filter and reflect sunlight.

Brittny Dayes will create The Curious Tumbleweed, “an installation of hand picked and hand painted New Mexican tumbleweeds.”

Aline Hunziker will display Lost and Found, a collection of works created by embroidering English and Spanish text onto pieces garbage to reflect her “mixed feelings about living in our post-industrial society, with all of its benefits and waste.”

INSIDE OUT will create a sneak preview of their October 11 exhibit at James Kelly Contemporary, which features work by Santa Fe artists who are receiving support for mental illness issues.

Erica Kramer and Katy Gross will create SEARING, pairing audio recordings with photographs to create “microenvironments of sound and image” that invoke a sense of the unique time and place that is contemporary Santa Fe.

Phat Le will create Silk, a video projection on fabric sculpture that represents the conflict inherent in the artist’s experience of US culture compared to the culture of his native Vietnam.

Shelbie Loomis will hang her works on paper and invite festivalgoers to engage in live portaiture as both artist and subject

New Mexico School for The Arts students will create an interactive installation

Jim Ricks (Dublin) will set up an photo studio that prints in ASCII, a vintage graphic design technique that uses the 95 printable characters of a computer to create images.

Christian Ristow (Taos) will install The Fledgling, a giant mechanical bird whose 43-foot wings are pedal-powered by festival-going humans. This project made possibly by the New Mexico Art in Public Places program.

Selavy Projects will create Beauty Mark, a jewelry store complete with display cases, mirrors, and a salesperson “that presents art and images of jewelry instead of actual jewelry” featuring work by Zoe Blackwell, Lara Nickel, Joanne Lefrak and Autry Tolbert.

Carl Smith (Berlin) will show Body Clock, Rewound, a group of paintings developed by combining images of contemporary dancers with images of watch parts.

Brandon Soder will show two years’ worth of portraits from The Yearbook Project at AHA Festivals past as well as sell limited edition copies of the yearbook itself.

The Soft Museum will create an interactive space for vending and trading their streetwear, boutique jewelry and art toys that combine their “kawaii, desert punk, and glamour aesthetic.”

Squirrel Mart will create SqArt-O-Mat Mega, a giant vending machine through which they “will craft objects, experiences and deep thoughts suitable for exchange with ‘customers’ via a series of levers, wires, mirrors, gears and projectiles.”

Todd Ryan White will show new work including affordable, limited-edition screen prints and a series of burned drawings created by using a soldering iron on paper.

Vanessa Wilde & Diego Alonso-Garcia will showcase their four-color process fine art prints and receive creative suggestions from the audience for live screenprinting of one-of-a-kind prints.

E.M. Wingren will create Twin, an interactive sound- and light-based installation that responds to the viewer’s movements, “with user-bodies and the space within the installation working together to create a space-instrument.”

Eric Todd and Roberto Perez (Houston) will create a 300-square foot interactive digital environment that will give the viewer “a chance to create his or her own distinct aesthetic experience.” This project made possible by the New Mexico Art in Public Places program.

Christopher Johnson will create an interactive poetry project in which audience members will be asked to contribute to an evolving poem whose lines are seeded by local poets including Dana Levin, Lauren Camp, Elizabeth Jacobson, Jon Davis, and Michael J. Wilson.