Local IQ: That’s Where You Need to Be

Local IQ Albuquerque Original Article: Local IQ Albuquerque: That’s Where You Need to Be

By Mateo Coffman  Tuesday, 22 July 2014

richard levy gallery richardson
That’s Where You Need to Be 16, oil on canvas

That’s Where You Need to Be showcases the perceptions of four artists, each using their craft to challenge conventional standards. William Betts uses software and a robotic setup to re-create photographs one drop of color at a time.

The result is a blurry, low-res image that is indecipherable up close, but from a distance his subject becomes clear — a technique Betts employs to manipulate the connections between painter, viewer and image.

Maria Park wants to examine how technology changes the way we look at the world. Using large walls and plexiglass cubes of her own devising, Parks adds thick layers of color to paint blocky suburban landscapes and scenic environments, challenging our everyday perception of beauty.

Using light and reflection, Xuan Chen conceives simple forms on her computer and then deconstructs her images in a way that exaggerates their irregularities.

Lastly, Willy Bo Richardson wants his viewers to consider the laws of nature while looking at his pieces. He uses an array of vertical streaks in expressive colors, each in its rightful space. His pieces are often large, colorful and abstract, embodying space and action and with a unique atmosphere all their own.

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