Slices of Wonder

Santa Fe Contemporary

Jason Garcia
Vicente Telles
Luke Dorman
Jeff Drew


Opening in the Railyard
Shade structure by the Farmers Market
Friday, August 28th, 5-7pm
Exhibition continues through Sep. 20th
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daily location online at

Commercial product packaging and logos hold potent meaning and memory for us all. In the 1970s, the truck that now houses our mobile gallery itself delivered one of America’s most iconic mid-century bakery products: Wonder Bread. We have repurposed this bread truck. It now delivers a new kind of wonder.

The artists in Slices of Wonder create works that engage packaging design, advertising, and contemporary culture as a springboard and often a critique of these times we live in.

Luke Dorman has shown a consistent interest in creating humorous works using an underground comix-inspired pen and ink style. His interest in vintage illustration and classical painting also guide his artistic production. Dorman states his “purpose of action is to create work that is innately personal, yet subjectively approachable and identifiable with the viewer.”

Jeff Drew is perhaps best known for his numerous magazine and journal covers. Notably, his imagery has graced many covers of Albuquerque’s Weekly Alibi. He has also won many awards for his animation work. His humor is evident in all his art production.

Jason Garcia transforms materials closely connected to the earth into a visually rich mix of Pueblo history and culture, comic book super heroes, video game characters, religious icons and all things pop culture. His love for storytelling, appreciation for the methods of his craft and ability to blend the ancient with the present both inspire and inform his work as an artist.

Vicente Telles combines vivid comic book inspired interpretations of Bible stories with traditional themes. People often see saints as religious. Telles likes to believe they transcend religion, that there is something bigger out there that connects the past to the present and the future.

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